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Best Of Ankara Styles ”Off Shoulder”

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It is really no news the Ankara off-the-shoulder top is the hottest and most crispy trend in town right now. It is almost impossible to go a day straight without seeing a pretty lady in one. The off shoulder trend is one that has definitely come to stay. The modified version of the cold shoulder trends which was popular years back, flatters just about any woman regardless of her age and size. Whether it is featured in a blouse or in a dress, it is just too irresistible a style that cannot be ignored. If you want to make it into blouse, you could decide to crop it off and let out some flesh, or you could still fluster with a normal length blouse. Nigerian designers are creating beautiful off shoulder designs using our popular Ankara and lace fabric.

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For the fashionistas who are even-tempered with demonstrating some skin, desire to amusing and tense, these Ankara top styles are specifically made for you.

One major factor not to over look when looking for the best Ankara fabric should be ‘colourful and vivid’. Another amazing factor about these off shoulder Ankara top is that, you can combine the beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse with trousers or skirts, or even sew your Ankara textile into a gown or jumpsuit with opened shoulders. To top it off, you could pair them with just about anything- heels, flats, snickers, sandals, anything just name it.

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