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How to Tie Your Blanket Scarf Perfectly

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Tying Scarves

Do you think scarves are boring and can only serve one purpose?  Well you are  wrong because there are scarves, and then there are blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are like a giant version of a scarf that are really big. They’re warm, cozy, comfortable, and wonderful, and can be used as scarves, makeshift ponchos or capes, shawls, and yes, even a blanket.

But despite how versatile they are, blanket scarves can be hard to figure out. There’s so much fabric that it’s easy to look at it and go along with the tying.  If you want to embrace the coziest trend of the season, we’ve got you covered! Here are style tips on how to wear blanket scarves with awesome outfit ideas.

  1. Own your huge scarf and wear it looped around your neck. Add glam accessories like a fur vest, heels and big sunglasses to look more dressed up.
  2. Wear your blanket scarf as a cape, then drape it over one shoulder to look super chic.
  3. Simply put your blanket scarf around your neck, leave the ends hanging down, and then belt it. It almost looks like you’re wearing a sweater or a vest.
  1. Tie the ends of your blanket scarf together to create a makeshift infinity scarf.
  2. Wear your blanket scarf as a coat when it’s not that cold by loosely draping it over your shoulders, then belting it so it stays in place. With tall boots, you’ll stay warm and cozy.
  3. Tie your scarf over one shoulder to give off an easygoing vibe.
  4. You can also always just leave it hanging down casually.
  5. Give off a seriously glam vibe by wrapping your scarf around you like so.
  6. Simply loop it around your neck a few times, leaving with you with a huge scarf. This looks so cute with a sweatshirt and rain boots. Image result for blanket scarf pic
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See? That wasn’t so hard!

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