7 Answers You Can Give Your Parents That Will Mean Your Death 

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You know African parents can do too much sometimes when answering our questions with sarcasm but we never get to reply them in the same way because RESPECT. Now imagine you could actually reply these questions however note that you might not come out alive when they finish with you. 

1. When your mum tell you to put something on her head and you tell her to “bring the head” 

2. When she questions you visiting your friends and asks why you can’t stay at home and you reply with 

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3. When she asks if you will get husband with your behavior and you reply “if you can get them I can get” 

4. When she asks why you are pressing your phone and you reply: Should I be pressing your head 

5. Are you talking to me like that? And you reply with “Who else is here with me?”

6. Is it me that gave birth to you? “No, I gave birth to myself” 

7. Is that the cloth you are going to wear out of this house? “No I just decided to play dress up for your amusement” 

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