6 Things You Should Never Say To A Skinny Girl

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Few days ago, we shared stuff you should never say to a fat girl, today we will be sharing with you 7 things you should never say to a skinny girl. This things might get them embarrassed or super angry.

1. Do you eat at all?: Saying this to them is like saying she is starving, of course she eats he body might not show it but she eats. This can be embarrassing when you ask.

2. You don’t need to exercise, you are too thin: This is like telling a blind man that he can’t see. Of course she knows she doesn’t need it but you really do not have to rub it in her face. Just do yours and let her do hers

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3. When you saw her just yesterday and you are already telling her she’s added weight. Fam, you seriously want to go there?

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4. When she says she wants little food but you respond saying “Are you sure? You need all the food you can get”

5. When you ask if you can hug her. Why? You think she’s gonna break if you do?

6. When she says she is a foodie and you ask if she is sure

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