6 Facts About The Colour- Red

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Colours are said to brighten things up. It brings light and glow. Imagine a world without colours. Red is one of the brightest and attractive colours. It is dynamic and passionate and has more personal associations than any other colour. Here are 6 facts you need to know about RED;

1. Red is bold and beautiful. It draws attention.

2. The colour red signifies a lot of emotions; love, seduction, energy, power, determination, violence, anger and adventure.

3. Red is to blood as…

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4. Bees can’t see the colour red, but they can see all other bright colours. Simply wear red and be invisible to bees.

5. Red is a super warm colour in landscape design. Add a touch of red to your garden and you have an energetic effect. Take a red rose garden for example…breathtaking!

6. Red fruits are simply the best. They are flavourful and nutritious. Just imagine the taste of strawberries…glorious, isn’t it?

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