#BAFashion: 5 Trends For Men We Hope Won’t Make It In 2017

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Fashion might generally be a way of life but some ways aren’t supposed to be allowed to live on for a long time. There are several sins committed when it comes to fashion and we hope this marks out some for all of us. Here we take a look at 5 trends we hope won’t make it in 2017.READ ALSO: Everybody Get Their Mouth, How They Use It Isn’t Your Problem -Bovi 1.Corduroy:

This fabric officially retired the day velvet reached it’s contemporary use. So please let it rest in peace. Instead give velvet a go or just settle for cotton because Corduroy is literally the lazy eye made flesh.

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2. Skinny Jeans:

I can’t believe we are still having this discussion, the doctors have said no, major designers stopped designer skinny jeans since like 2014 but some how is his still in circulation. Why? straight jeans or even 70’s style baggy cuts are the way to go now, medically and otherwise.

3. Destroyed Shirts:

When we stole destroyed jeans from the hobos, fine, it is no was fashionable in the end but the shirts with holes in them? bros they are rags no matter what the label says, they simply don’t work.

4. The 5 Fingers:

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Footwear that is literally shaped like a foot? it doesn’t come more selfish than this. I don’t care how comfortable, how ergonomically advantageous or how natural these ‘shoes’ might feel, just remember that there other people will have to look at you wearing them.

5. Sagging:

I can’t believe we still have to talk about sagging? What is stylish about showing the your boxer shorts? Do you think they are called underwear for nothing? Please a real mans style is in his dressing and has literally nothing to do with showing his underwear to the world.

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