5 Shades of Green

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Do you know that green is one of the most familiar colour around us? Do you know that the freshness of a lush green forest soothes one? Green is soothing and peaceful. It gives that sense of naturalness and earthiness.

Green signifies cheerfulness and inspiration to embark on new aspects of life. It indicates positive energy and growth. Different shades of green are used in clothes, accessories, many counties such as Nigeria use green in their flags and many more.

Here are 5 spectacular shades of green;

  1. Emerald

This is a luxurious shade of green. It can be used to exhibit royalty and extravagance.

  1. Mint

A greeny shade of green; this colour is the closest to green. It offers that sense of freshness and springtime.

  1. Tea Green

This is an elegant colour and symbolizes good health.

  1. Lime

This is the colour of summer and the liveliest shade of green. Need that raw and young feel? Try lime out.

  1. Forest Green

Forest mainly has this shade of green.

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