25 and Below: Things Ladies Must Know Before You Turn 25

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1. You have to learn how to price like a pro. With my shikini salary?

Image result for money naira

2. And how to corner your boss for a raise. Release this money, sir!

Image result for boss and female staff

3. Mastering the science of packaging like this is key. Because you can’t be forming chef all the time.

4. Learn how to carry face for all those street agberos. Eyes front, heads up!

5. You must be able to sight Yoruba demons from afar. This will actually save your life.

6. You must know how to trick your follow follow cousins. ‘Oya, go and where your shoes’.

7. You have to perfect your side nigga game. PERFECT IT!When Plan A surprises you, you sef surprise him.

Image result for surprise meme

8. If you don’t know how to turn down Aso Ebi, you’re on your own. RIP to your bank account.

Image result for woman rejecting  aso ebi

9. You have to know how to handle all your oversabi colleagues, so you can prosper. Even if you want to scream, keep smiling.

10. If you’re not fitfaming, what are you doing? So you can tension all your haters.

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