10 Lies We Were Told By Our Parents When We Were Little

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When we were little, our parents had several things to tell us however not all of them were actually true. It was just a means to get us off their backs and it worked. So we will be looking at 10 of it and feel free add yours.

1. Go and wear your slippers I am waiting for you: And this particular moment just know you have fucked up if you followed that instruction

2. Eat up all of your vegetables and your hair will be curly: This might have worked for some people however, it didn’t work for me so yeah they lied

3. Every grain of rice left in your bowl is a year of bad luck: Yeah Right!!!!


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4. Your school days are the best days of your life. Y’all know what this is right?

5. Don’t swallow your chewing gum, it’ll make your insides stick together.

6. I know everything, I’ve eyes in the back of my head and the birds tell me everything else.

7. If you sneeze with your eyes open, they might fall out

8. Putting your tooth in a paper with stones and throwing it on the roof else you will lose the tooth forever.


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